Got a minute?

        Most people do.

            Use your minute to tell a big story, intrigue your customer, 
            inspire action, or just inspire.  Here are a couple of examples --

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VR Business Brokers of the Plains 

VRBB is owned by Steve Fischer of Wichita.  First Generation had just completed a great 6-minute video that showcased his experience and philosophy of doing business.  Then a staff member said, "I don't think people are going to watch a 6-minute video.  I think we need a teaser."  

"Got a minute?" was born.  It condenses the overall message into one minute, in hopes that people will want to learn more.  At the end of the video, you are immediately directed to the longer video.

The video was assigned a VR code, so that it could be featured in postcard mailings.  When people point their smartphone at the postcard code, the video starts to play on their phone.  
Hutchinson Welcome Channel 

This 1-minute video happens to be the opening minute of the Hutchinson Welcome Channel, which runs on Cable Channel 7 in Hutchinson as a service of the City.

It can also be lifted out to stand alone as a short video the Hutchinson Convention and Visitors Bureau can post on their website to invite people to the community.

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